We offer turnkey solutions & support services for Network Solutions. Our Networking services are known for Market. We have been quite successful in Designing and notably in implementation and Troubleshooting of IT Infrastructure using fiber, copper and wireless advance stat of the art solutions.

Corporate Internet

  • IP Transit Bandwidth

Structured Cabling

  • Multi Mode Fiber Optic Cabling, Single Mode Fiber Optic Cabling, Fusion Splicing

Fiber Excavation

  • HDPE, GI, RCC, DWC & PVC Pipes, Cables (OF & Cu), Splice Closures, FMS,Cables (OF & Cu), Splice Closures, FMS, Maintenance of OFC

Wireless Links

  • Indoor Wireless LAN, outdoor point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, campus-wide, metropolitan area and Wide-area networks

Security and Surveillance

  • Scalability, flexibility; integration with other systems, remote monitoring, intelligent detection system, TCP/IP based


  • Control Panel, Internet, data, Site backup & restore, Premium DNS, SSL certificate, VPN services & Restrictions